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Transform Your Mental Health and Mindset Process Your Feelings and Get Insight Prioritize Your Wellbeing Improve Your Relationship with Yourself!
Rediscover Your Hope: Empowering Counseling Services 

Manifest Hope Counseling exists to serve the growing needs of people struggling to thrive in a world saturated with negativity. We are born with the capacity to hope, endure, and flourish. Over time, life challenges can drain our will to thrive and when this happens, every aspect of our existence is affected. MHC is here to tackle the hard parts of human experience, like depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, grief and loss. We’ll talk openly about racism, oppression, discrimination, sexism, ageism, and ableism which deeply impact the ability to feel seen, respected and supported. In this practice, your authentic self is the starting point for everything we do and the focus is to bring hope, clarity, inner strength, purpose, and joy back into your life with empathy, candor, and enthusiasm.

Areas of Focus



aging/older adulthood

emotional intelligence


life transitions

chronic illness & pain




visible & non-visible illness

identity issues

Let me help you let go of what isn't serving you, plant seeds for your brighter season, and rediscover the spirit of hope.

What to Expect

I am not a sit-back, nod, and say nothing type of therapist. Honey I'm going to give you feedback in a gentle and respectful way, and help guide you to discovery and a deeper realization of your patterns and their impact. I'm going to lovingly point out things that need attention and I'm going to listen intently when you share. I create a judgment free zone in therapy-so no negative self-talk (don't worry, I'll remind you with a smile). I will give you exercises to work on in between sessions and help you process what they yield. 

Counseling sessions are held via Google Meet. All intake paperwork and secure messaging occurs within Simple Practice. Both are HIPAA compliant.
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We don't do one size fits all approaches over here. You bring your unique experiences and perspectives into therapy, and I curate treatment to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go. CBT, mindfulness, REBT, narrative, emotion focused, strength-based, and culturally sensitive methods are used.

Lady Booking Individual Counseling Session
Intro Phone Consultation

15 Minutes

Bring any questions you have to this introductory call. It offers a chance for us to get to know each other better and see if we're a good fit, because vibes are everything!

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Initial Consultation

60 Minutes

This intake session is a time to get into the details about who you are as a person and experiences that have shaped your life, openly explore what led you to therapy, and identify goals for our work together.  

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting
Individual Counseling Session

50 Minutes

Once we complete the initial consultation meeting and map our plans for therapy, we'll be scheduling individual counseling sessions. In these meetings, we'll dive deeper into our work, process feelings and revelations, and check in on your progress.

Loveland Vouchers Accepted & FSA/HSA Credit Cards Accepted

Please Note: No insurance is accepted, but documentation can be provided for you to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement consideration.

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