Life Enrichment Coaching

​People seek life coaching to get help with all kinds of issues. Here are some common problems addressed through life coaching:

Stress                                                           Lack of motivation                        Relationship problems                                    
Goal setting                                                Low self-esteem                             Work 
Major life changes                                    Fears  or Worries                           Communication skills  
Problem solving                                        Negative thinking                          Anger
Faith and spirituality issues                   Aging                                                Adjusting to a recent move

Life coaching differs from counseling in some important ways. The goal of mental health counseling is to assist people in establishing or regaining mental and emotional stability. The goal of life coaching is to allow people to learn ways to bring empowerment, problem solving, and personal wellness back into their lives. Life coaching is not appropriate for people with severe mental illness or people who are suicidal.

While some people are able to resolve their challenges in as little as 1 or 2 sessions, others may need 6 or more. Each person is unique, so it is important for you to do what feels best for you based on what is happening in your life. We will have an ongoing dialogue about your progress and goals. Sessions are available via Live Chat and Email, allowing you to get help with whatever you are dealing with from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have internet access. If you live in Ohio, you may also request in person meetings in cases where such interaction is preferred. 

​Life coaching services are affordably priced. In many cases, you can schedule your session for the same day. Choose from 30 or 60 minute time increments. Click here to request your life coaching session and get help today!
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