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Manifest Hope Counseling and Education Services, LLC is a private practice created to serve the growing emotional needs of people struggling to thrive in a world saturated with negativity. MHC rejects the notion that quality mental health care services are reserved for the wealthy. Affordable mental health care is essential to our preservation and progress as a local and global community. 

We are born with the capacity to hope, endure, and flourish. Over time, life challenges can drain us of our will to thrive. When this happens, every aspect of our existence is affected. We make choices about how to respond to these setbacks. We can commit ourselves to making things better or resign and allow circumstances to dictate our life experience. 

MHC is rooted in a desire to bring hope, clarity, inner strength, purpose, and joy back in to people's lives through individual and couples counseling, education, and consultation services. The goal is to plant seeds of hope as often as possible in whatever ways are possible.

Manifest Hope Creed
Today I resolve within myself, that I will not spend another second pinning away for what once was or the idealization of what could be. Instead, I commit myself to what is, and I embrace it with open arms void of judgment.
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Renewing the spirit of hope
About the Counselor
Dara Williams is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider. She is currently licensed to practice in Ohio, Colorado, Georgia and Illinois. She holds a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Xavier University. 

She brings passion, practicality, creativity, and humor to her work with clients in individual, couple, and group counseling settings. Dara has a particular interest in working with older adults and people with invisible and/or chronic illnesses, helping them learn healthy coping skills to improve their lives. 

"I am a counselor, facilitator, and speaker; but each of these roles is focused on helping people overcome challenges and rediscover the spirit of hope. I help people find ways to manage their experiences in a more productive way. I believe that we can all live well at any age, and I thoroughly enjoy working with people to see that reality take shape."

-Dara Williams, Owner, MA, NCC, LPCC, BC-TMH
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